Gondola Shelving

Gondola ShelvingIt is a type of shelving that is used in a convenience store to display items and merchandise on one side either on the left or right side of the gondola shelving unit. The upper shelves are attached to the upright of the gondola. We have available front fences and dividers to categorize and to protect merchandise so it will not fall off the upper shelf. It can be used for the display and merchandise for phones, boxes of toys, candy, window cleaners. Gondola shelving is used in a lot of stores including retail stores, liquor stores, supermarkets, and much more. It is for sure one of the best shelving that you can use, either for selling things to customers or for collecting things as a collection.

Gondolas have been used by shopkeepers who sell retail items and goodies for a significant display and customers can buy items from these shelves. It can also be great for having in convenience stores, toy stores, etc. It provides great quality for displaying things and it will help attract customers when they see items on there as this is the one of the most popular shelves to be sold and to have. So if you are looking for shelving that you want to put merchandise on one side of the shelf, this is the one that you will find and will want to buy for selling items to customers by using this particular shelf.

Gondola Shelving



What is Island Gondola Shelving? It is a type of shelving that will display products on four different areas of the merchandiser known as the island. This kind of store fixture is great for displaying items and merchandise in many stores, including convenience stores, liquor stores, and other types of stores. It will hold almost everything on two different sides, the right or the left. The pegboard back is made of wood and both the uprights and N-Caps are made of steel to keep the gondola from falling over.